Nonlinear dynamics: chaos, and what to do about it?
Georgia Tech PHYS-7224

brick & mortar class, Howey S204

discussion leader for week, lecture:
    1. tues: N. Burak Budanur: First Fourier mode slice. For the video presentations, see week 6.
    1. tues: PC
    2. thur: Simon Berman leads the discussion of Chapter 15 "Stretch, fold, prune". For the video presentation, see week 7.
    1. tues: Oliver Pierson leads the discussion of Chapter 25 "Discrete symmetry factorization", irreducible representations of D3 (symmetries of a triangle).

if you live in Atlanta

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  • Please do sign up here:
    All course announcements will be posted on piazza, we will use email to GaTech students only occasionally
  • You are welcome to the brick & mortar class TT 12:05 in Howey S204, regardless of whether you are registered for the phys7224 or not
  • Registered GT students will take both course1 and course2 as one continuous 16-week semester course
  • Registered GT student grade will be based on the online homework problems. There will be no midterm and no final exam in this course
  • We will not use the course t-square link much. You can see there who is registred for the course, if you want to team up with other students on the campus.